What is web hosting?

In this article, we explain exactly web hosting is, and how it relates to your website. We'll also tell you about why our hosting is the right choice for your website.

So what exactly is web hosting?

Essentially, web hosting is some storage space on a remote computer where your website lives. Every time someone accesses your website, the website is ‘served’ to them by a web server. A web server is basically a very powerful, always-on computer kept in a secure facility. Such a facility usually has state of the art cooling and security, and many fail-safes in place such as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Pedwar web hosting

At Pedwar, we offer web hosting that gives you the following benefits:

  • You get SSL Encryption as standard
    SSL Encryption

    When you host with some other companies, you’ll usually need to purchase an SSL certificate in order to get the green padlock next to the address bar in your browser. Our web hosting comes with SSL encryption as standard. This instills trust in your website visitors, and they will be happier to give you their personal information if they feel your website is secure.
  • Fast website access
    Our server uses SSD technology to store your data, meaning each time your website is accessed, the server can pull back the requested data much faster. SSD drives, because of the lack of moving parts are inherently faster.
  • Your data is backed up daily
    We know your website and it’s data is important to you, which is why we back up your website daily. This means that should disaster strike, you can be sure your website can be restored to working condition quickly.
  • Your emails are taken care of
    As part of our website hosting service we can set up new email addresses for you for your website’s domain name. That means if your website is www.example.com we can set you up with a [email protected], giving you a more professional image in the eyes of your clients or customers.

Don't need a website yet?

Not to worry! We can still offer you web hosting even if you’re not ready to update your existing website yet. You can still enjoy the same benefits, at the same great price as our other customers. Why not get in touch today, and let a local web design company look after your website. Remember, we’re just the other end of the phone if you need anything.