What is a Content Management System (CMS) and do I need one?

This articles explains what a content management system (CMS) is so you can decide if you need one.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

If you think of your website as your shop front and somewhere your visitors can access, your content management system is the back room, accessible by employees only to deal with orders and other matters.  A content management system is the way in which you can manage the content of your website (e.g. change the content and images on your website) and, if it is an e-commerce website, where you can manage your products, categories, shipping and orders.

Do I Need One?

It all depends on how much control you wish to have over the content on your website.  We get asked all the time by potential clients if there is a way they are able to update their website without relying on Pedwar to do it for them, and our answer is yes: through the content management system.  Our websites are created with a content management system as standard.  If you are looking for a simple landing page or one-page website which does not need updating, then you probably don’t need a content management system but this is something you can discuss with us during your initial consultation.

I’m Not Very Computer-Savvy – Will I Be Able To Use It?

Absolutely!  Although it may sound daunting, our content management system is very simple and intuitive to use.  Full training is provided before the website is put live to ensure our clients are completely happy using the system.  In any event, we are always at the end of the phone to remind you how to upload a photograph (or anything else) should you need it!  The screenshot below is an example of how you might create or edit a page using the content management system.  You will see that it is very similar to a standard word processor such as Microsoft Word.

How Much Does It Cost?

As explained above, a content management system comes as standard with our websites.  There is no ongoing cost to use it – once you have paid for your website, you will always have access to the content management system in order to update it.

Sounds Good, But I Think I Need Something More

A content management system is a way in which to control your website.  At its basic level, it enables you to edit the content on your website.  We regularly create bespoke, more complex software such as employee portals and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.  If you are interested in more bespoke software, please call us on 01792 687172 to discuss your requirements further.