Social media vs. website – do I need both?

We’ve previously discussed how your website is your online shop window. But in this fast-moving world of social media, many businesses believe that a website is no longer the pre-requisite it once was, because they have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile. Naturally, we disagree! And here’s why.

It’s undeniable. When used consistently, social media is as real time as it gets. But it is just that, real time.  One swipe of a feed and *poof*, a post has disappeared from your reader’s feed. Your website is constantly present and when it has been Search Engine Optimised (SEO), will attract both passive traffic and seeking traffic. Did you know that Google processes 3.5 billion searches every day?  That’s a lot of searching!

Meanwhile, Facebook updates run at 317,000 per minute. That’s a whole lot of noise to make yourself heard in and so remaining visible requires a vast amount of time and effort. Your website will require much less in terms of maintenance; a blog every week or even once a month will keep it fresh, as will updating images or projects to showcase what you do.

There are rules and regulations around the use of websites particularly with regards to data. But social media isn’t an easy, carefree alternative.  Rules regarding what can be posted, the types of topics and language are all monitored and can result in users being banned for a week or longer. ‘I’m in Facebook prison’ is not an uncommon status update. Now imagine if your business was entirely reliant on social media, only to be banned for a week!

Your website is your statement of legitimacy. It’s the virtual storefront to your business and instils confidence in your audience. Anyone on the internet can create a social media profile, but not everyone will dedicate the time, effort and investment it takes to create a website.

Social media is a useful tool that will help you to engage with your target audience, to plant the seeds of awareness and direct traffic to your website.  Your website will provide credibility, garner interest and encourage an action to contact you.

Are you ready to take your business from social media to your very own website and get with the real world?

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