Young Ones

Young Ones clubs offer a range of childrens activity clubs during the summer holidays and also fitness classes during term times. The brief was to produce a full booking system with online payment functionality via Stripe.

This project posed it’s own unique challenges, and was unlike any other projects we’ve undertaken, so the interface you’ll see below is probably different than anything you’ve seen before. The challenge we faced was to come up with a user interface that would allow parents to book a selection of days within a given school holiday, for example the summer holidays, but not necessarily the whole period. This meant that the usual concept of an event with a start date and end date goes out the window, as that implies a constant string of days from start to finish. This system needed to allow for gaps, and for the gaps to potentially be weeks apart.

So here’s what we did:

Step 1: Who’s going?

A nice simple interface with an “Add Child” button, and once children are added, there are clearly identified “edit” and “remove” buttons.

When a child is added, or edited, this then triggers a pop up box, or a modal as we call it in the industry, which then takes the childs details, broken down into a two step process, the basic details and a health questionnaire:

Step 2: When are you booking for?

Based on continued discussions with the client, we came up with the following intuitive, simple interface for booking the required days and weeks:

As selections are made, the green box to the right hand side updates in real time to show a summary of what’s being booked and the total cost.

Step 3: Enter your billing details

Finally when take the contact details and billing address from the visitor before proceeding to a quick and easy online payment. Once payment has completed, an email confirmation is then sent to the customer.

You can view the site live at:

So if you’ve got a project that’s a bit unusual why not let us work with you to bring your ideas to life!

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